The VULCAN 4x4 Compact chassis dynamometer expands portfolio for electrified mobility

|   Press Release

No retrofitting necessary for existing test facilities, improved energy efficiency with up to 97% efficiency.

Equipped with patented synchronous motor technology and flexibly applicable.

HORIBA has launched a new chassis dynamometer: the VULCAN 4x4 Compact. It extends the existing VULCAN product series and HORIBA's portfolio for electrified mobility.

The VULCAN 4x4 Compact features many advantages: Not only does it allow for an easy, cost-effective upgrade of existing facilities with little impact on building services – it fits into existing pits that are now being upgraded to electric vehicles – and improved energy efficiency with up to 97% efficiency. Thanks to its patented synchronous motor technology in each individual roller, the new chassis dynamometer also covers technical requirements in high performance ranges with a small "installation space" and – since it has 24 poles – allows a significantly better torque distribution. Last but not least, the VULCAN 4x4 Compact is flexibly applicable: it is suitable for NVH tests on chassis dynamometers, for LDVs and two-wheelers up to 350 km/h and can also be combined well with HORIBA's solutions for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV).

"We are excited that with the new VULCAN 4x4 Compact we have been able to add an innovative chassis dynamometer to the existing VULCAN product series. It is a further indication that we support our customers in meeting ever-increasing requirements through our profound know-how in the development and production of high-quality chassis dynamometers," explains Dirk Kaffenberger, Product Manager Chassis Dyno at HORIBA Europe.

Learn more about the VULCAN 4x4 Compact on the Light Duty Vehicle Chassis Dynamometer product page.

Detail shot of the roller module with compact synchronous motor 115/150 Kw