Announcing the First 29MP Camera

Full Spectrum Imaging Camera Captures Ultra-high Definition Images

PISCATAWAY, NJ August 21st, 2019 – SPEX Forensics, a division of HORIBA Instruments, Inc., and global leader in forensic cameras and light sources, is proud to announce the release of their new SceneScope® RUVIS 29MP Full Spectrum Imaging Camera at the IAI International Educational Conference in Reno, Nevada.

SPEX Forensics is an innovator in Reflective Ultra Violet Imaging Systems (RUVIS) systems. The SceneScope is the first short-wave UV camera in the industry to capture nearly twice the number of pixels in an image (29MP vs. 16MP).

The SceneScope® RUVIS 29MP is a 29 Megapixel ultra high definition camera with 6644 x 4452 pixel resolution and a full frame CCD chip. It can quickly photograph and process images in shortwave UV through the visible light and into the infrared. It has the capture capabilities of 3 cameras in one high-resolution 29MP device.

SceneScope comes with new and improved software capabilities.  The software offers three user-definable operating modes:  Search (RUVIS, VIS, IR), Focus (zoom in and out) and Capture of high-resolution images. 

“The 29MP RUVIS SceneScope’s capabilities are unique in the market,” said Jon Goldey, Product Manager of SPEX Forensics. “Our SceneScope provides more sensitivity than traditional methods of enhancement, including the ability to detect untreated prints on smooth, non-porous surfaces and capture in ultra high definition, and can quickly process images in shortwave UV through the visible light and into the infrared thanks to a custom dedicated software.”

The SceneScope RUVIS 29MP camera comes with a 78 mm quartz lens with magnetic filter holder, 254 and 365 Band Pass UV filters with quick release magnetic mounts, Dual 254 nm/365 nm lamp and power supply, SPEX Forensics Capture software and ImaQuest® Digital Enhancement software, and a stand with base and arm/clamp system.

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SceneScope RUVIS 29MP System
Capture Ultra-High Resolution images with the new 29MP Ultra High Definition camera