Main Purpose of Job

This is a graduate position. A Product Specialist holds a position which gives considerable scope for individual initiative and carries considerable personal responsibility. The Company provides a broad framework within which to operate, leaving the Product Specialist scope to implement his or her own style and approach to the work.

Within HORIBA there are good opportunities for further development and promotion with HORIBA in the UK, Europe and globally.

A Product Specialist acts as a technical salesperson to the automotive industry, universities and other potential customers of HORIBA Automotive Test Systems (“ATS”). The Product Specialist is responsible for advising Customers on the HORIBA equipment required for their application and provision of high-level technical support for these customers.

Responsible To:

Area Sales Manager - Automotive test Systems

Main Responsibilities and duties:

  • To maintain regular contact with the group of customers assigned by the Sales Manager, Automotive Test Systems, ensuring that they are familiar with the customers’ plans and budgets at all times.
  • To liaise within HORIBA and ensure all enquiries from the identified customers are handled timely and efficiently.
  • To prepare quotations in response to requests from customers. This will involve discussing the technical specifications with the customer concerned to ensure that the equipment being quoted meets the customer’s requirements and its delivery does not pose any discredit to HORIBA.
  • To advise customers on the HORIBA equipment best suited to meet the task they have in hand.
  • If the customer’s requirements cannot be met by standard HORIBA equipment,  to prepare in conjunction with the Project Management Department, C-TAS, Service and HEP Engineering groups,  outline specifications of the custom designed equipment required, and to submit these outline specifications to the Sales Manager Automotive Test Systems for approval.
  • On receipt of a purchase order from a customer, to attend the order entry meeting with the Project Management Department, C-TAS, Service and HEP Engineering groups, where applicable, to ensure that all parties concerned understand the customer's requirements.
  • To work with the commissioning department from time to time, ensuring that customer requests for solution prove out before handover are robust and satisfactory.
  • To assist the Project Management team to investigate and rectify any discrepancies between the equipment’s performance and the specifications agreed with the customer.
  • From time to time to deliver Training to team members and customers in the operation of the equipment and wider solutions. This may be done in parallel with the commissioning of the equipment.
  • Adhere to required HORIBA Health & Safety and Quality procedures.
  • Additionally the Product Specialist (Emissions, Mechatronics & Test Automation) is required to develop and support appropriate business strategy for HORIBA Emissions, Mechatronics & Test Automation Products in the HUK territory. To include:

    • Analysis of current Sales & Support activities in respect of the Emissions, Mechatronics & Test Automation (“EMS, MCT & TAS”) product group and identification of issues affecting EMS, MCT & TAS sales performance at HUK.
    • Reporting such issues to HUK Area Sales Manager (ATS) as applicable and recommending countermeasures to remedy any negative effects on EMS, MCT & TAS Sales Performance.
    • Develop and implement HUK’s Business Plan covering the EMS, MCT & TAS Product Group in conjunction with HUK Area Sales Manager (ATS).
    • Continually monitor all Sales Activities to ensure compliance with agreed HUK  EMS, MCT & TAS Sales Procedures.
    • Ensure that HUK EMS, MCT & TAS Sales activities are harmonized with various HORIBA EMS, MCT & TAS factory procedures and are implemented with assistance from the factories when necessary.
    • To monitor and sign off all HUK quotations for EMS, MCT & TAS Products and to identify any concerns with appropriate Product Specialist or HUK Area Sales Manager (ATS) as necessary.


This job description only contains the main accountabilities relating to the job and does not describe in detail all the duties required to carry them out.

The above is not an exhaustive list of duties and you will be expected to perform different tasks as necessitated by your changing role within the organisation and the overall business objectives of the organisation.

Person Specification:

Skills and Experience:


  • A degree in a relevant subject, such as Engineering , is essential
  • A degree in Electronics/Electrical, Physics or computer science would also be considered from an applicant with a strong interest in the automotive industry


    • Some post graduate industrial experience would be an advantage

    Personal Qualities:

    • A self-starter who is able to initiate ideas and develop them to fruition
    • Ability to communicate their ideas effectively to colleagues and work together towards agreed goals
    • Proactive and resourceful
    • Ability to prioritise work to meet deadlines with good time management skills
    • Flexible and adaptable
    • A highly motivated individual who is keen to work within the automotive industry
    • Full and current UK driving licence

    To apply for this position candidates must be eligible to work in the country in which role is based.

    Based at:

    HORIBA UK Ltd, Moulton Park, Northampton

    Normal Hours:

    35 hours per week