HORIBA is exhibiting at SEMICON Taiwan 2017

16. August 2017

SEMICON Taiwan is the premier event in Taiwan for microelectronics manufacturing. It is a good opportunity to connect with the companies, people, products and information shaping the future of design and manufacturing of semiconductor, nanoelectronics, MEMS, Photovoltaics and related advanced electronics.

HORIBA Semiconductor will feature four innovative control and monitoring products that enable the manufacturing of next generation semiconductor products. These products represent HORIBA’s technology leadership and continued research and development to support the most demanding process applications.

Please visit the SEMICON Taiwan 2017 for more details.

HORIBA’s featured products at Semicon Taiwan 2017

EtherCAT® communications Pressure-based Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Module CRITERION D507 Series

  • The leading edge CRITERION D500 offers excellent performance for critical low flow and medium flow processes, high accuracy, fast response, Pressure Insensitivity, G-LIFE (Gas Law check of Integrated Flow restrictor Equation) Self-diagnosis function, Multi-Gas/Multi-Range allowing users to change gas type and full scale flow rate, and convenient local display options.    

*EtherCAT is a registered trademark of Beckhoff Automation

Advanced Chemical Concentration Monitor for BEOL CS-700


  • Measures concentrations of various multi-constituent chemicals used in critical wet processes using the Lamber-Beers principle.
  • Can monitor up to 8 constituents in real time with high accuracy and repeatability.
  • Zero reagent requirement and zero sample consumption translate to a reduced total cost of ownership.

High- concentration Phosphoric Acid Concentration Monitor HE-960H-PA


  • Measure high-concentration phosphoric acid for etching. Concentration: 80 – 90 wt%
  • High temperature measurement is available: 20 deg.C – 100 deg.C
  • Inline and high accuracy measurement with glass carbon electrode.

Micro Volume pH Monitor UP-100

  • pH monitoring with ultra-low sample consumption of just 500 ul/minute, maximum 30 ml/hour.
  • Enabling continuous pH monitoring for a variety of critical manufacturing processes that include Semiconductor (Cleaning, Etching, and Plating).
  • Designed for 6 month continuous operation without operator intervention for minimizing downtime.