STEC enters into a contract related to technology and Exclusive right to sell With FERRAN SCIENTIFIC Inc, a U.S. venture corporation.

25. April 2003

STEC (Art Horiba, 11-5 Hkodate-cho, Kamitoba,inami-ku Kyoto,601-8116 Japan) jointed the global sales & manufacturing contracts with a US venture company of FERRAN SCIENTIFIC Inc. for both of vacuum components of Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge (CDG) and Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) for tremendous growing Semiconductor and FPD/LCD businesses. STEC is one of the world biggest suppliers of Mass Flow Controller for as process gases feeder of semiconductor and FPD/LCD manufacturing equipment and Fluid Control Equipment, acquired new vacuum measurement technologies to develop a new alliance of total fluid control company based on HORIBA global network.

STEC completed to make an agreement with FERRAN SCIENIFIC Inc. San Diego, CA for its exclusive contract of global sales and manufacturing rights of its novel technologies of vacuum measurement equipment and to enhance the fluid analyzer market together.
The vacuum measurement technologies of FERRAN SCIENTIFIC Inc. are necessary to the next generation of in-situ monitoring business in high density semiconductor processes and complex FPD/LCD manufacturing process as the solution of high class yield management and optimization of PM (Preventive Maintenance) cycle for STEC components.
The transient generation from 200mm wafer to 300mm wafer in semiconductor processes has required high density, high precision and continuous in-situ process monitoring of its pressure and residual gasses in order to reduce the CoO (Cost of Ownership) as one of the solutions.

STEC has started the global support of in-situ process monitoring business on the MFC sales network with FERRAN SCIENTIFIC Inc. to enhance the global fluid control market with the world smallest RGA and the smallest CDG.

FERRAN SIENTIFIC INC. is a venture company of vacuum analyzing field based at California in U.S.A. (founded in 1989).
They have succeeded in developing RGA and CDG in which they have used their own technique to vacuum industry field. And they are selling the products from U.S.A. to around the world through distributors.
Chief executive: Robert J Ferran
Address: 11558 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego 92121, California USA

Residual Gas Analyzer
This equipment is for mass analyzing and specifying gas molecules in the vacuum environment with quadrupole principle.
RGA is used at process gas analyzing, residual gas analyzing, leak monitor and so on.

Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge
This equipment is for measuring capacitance which generates from between diaphragm and electrode by diaphragm changing and converting to vacuum pressure. CDG is used at vacuum environment to measure and control pressure.

<Solutions for the thin film formation process(Flow measurement and control process)>
Lineup of peripheral devices propose the expand solution to the high accuracy of thin film formation process and the improvement of yield.