VA-5000 / VA-5000WM Multi-Component Gas Analyzer


Multi-Component Gas Analyzer VA-5000 Series is an all-round analyzer that fits today’s measurement needs such as environmental monitoring, new energy development support, quality controls, and continuous emission monitoring, etc. VA-5000 can contain up to 4 sensor modules in one unit, and many combination of sensor modules with wide selection of ranges prove excellent flexibility in measurement. For dusty moist gases, Sample Gas Conditioning Systems VS-5000 Series can process pretreatment of those gases to the optimal condition for measurement. We also have wall mounted type analyzer (VA-5000WM) that enables to install in a limitted installation space. 


  • Flexible for various applications
    ・ Simultaneous measurement up to four gas components.
    ・ Auto pressure control supports excellent stability with less ambient influence on the detector.
    ・ Thermostat for optical unit allows use in tougher sample gas conditions.
  • Excellent Usability
    ・ 5.7 inch LCD touchscreen provides valuable information with high visibility including measurement status, trend graph, and several settings, etc.
    ・ Quick replacement to upgrade sensor module which minimizes system/analyzer down time.
    ・ USB port in the front panel for instant setting of upgraded module and logged data saving.

    [Trend graph]   

    [Module replacement]       
  • More Features
    ・ Auto-calibration
    ・ Blowback control
    ・ Self-diagnosis
    ・ Internal signal data view and logging
    ・ Multiple analog outputs (option)                                 
  • Sampling Gas Conditioning System VA-5000 Series
    ・ Fits in a 19 inch rack
    ・ All components (pumps, colers, filters, flow controls, NOx converter, etc.)are included in a single case

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