Material Science

Application Notes

  • ICP62 : Analysis of Nd Fe B in a Magnetic Materials using ICP-OES
  • ICP63 : Trace analysis in Nd Fe B Samples for Magnetic Materials using ICP-OES
  • PPTOF 01 : PP-TOFMS Depth Profiling of ZnO Thin layers co-doped with Rare Earths for Photonic Materials
  • GD22 : H & D Measurement of Hydrogen (and Deuterium) by RF GDOES
  • GD23 : Measurement of halogen elements by RF GDOES
  • GD24 : Published papers with GD data
  • GD27 : Pulsed RF GDOES analysis of various inorganic materials for biomedical applications
  • GD28 : Depth Profile analysis of organic and organic/inorganic multilayered materials by pulsed RF GDOES
  • GD29 : Pulsed RF GDOES for the analysis of films containing metal and metal oxide nanoparticles
  • GD30 : On the reproducibility of pulsed GDOES measurements
  • GD31 : Application of RF GDOES to Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)
  • GD32 : Analysis of films on glass by pulsed RF GDOES
  • GD34 : GDOES, the analytical companion tool for magnetron sputtering deposition 
  • GD35 : Pulsed RF GDOES and XPS for Depth Profile Analysis
  • GD36 : Do you know what is protecting your telephone screen?
  • GD37 : Quality control in the aluminium packaging industry with RF-GDOES
  • GD38 : What’s protecting your mobile screen? A depth profile of polymer protection covers using Raman and UFS-GDOES
  • GD39 : How to analyse your electroplated coating?
  • GD40 : Analyzing drill bits with GDOES

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