Raman Spectral Libraries

HORIBA Scientific is pleased to offer the KnowItAll® HORIBA edition (from the Informatics segment of Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.) for complete spectrum database searching, and functional group analysis.  HORIBA’s LabSpec 6 includes a seamless one click direct data link, which exports data from LabSpec directly into KnowItAll® in readiness for searching.

Raman Spectral Library

The HORIBA Edition of the KnowItAll® informatics system includes HORIBA’s  spectral databases, which include over 1750 spectra from a wide range of general and specialist compounds/materials. The suite is split into five individual libraries allowing targeted searching where necessary. The majority of spectra included are acquired on HORIBA Scientific dispersive Raman instruments, allowing optimum searching for identification of unknown materials analysed with a HORIBA Scientific Raman system, such as the LabRAM, XploRA, InduRAM, HE spectrograph and Modular Raman configurations.

  • Forensics v2 – polymers, pigments, narcotics, explosives, inorganics, biomaterials
  • Minlab v2 - inorganics, minerals and gemstones
  • FTMinlab - inorganics, minerals and gemstones (FT-Raman) Pigments – pigments and dyes
  • BioExpert – amino acids and calculi
  • Semicon – semiconductor materials and alloys

KnowItAll® HORIBA Edition can also be configured with Bio-Rad’s own spectral databases, comprising over 10000 spectra.  These encompass databases for monomers and polymers, and inorganic species.