Heavy Duty Series - AC Dynamometer

The DYNAS3 HD series of heavy-duty dynamometers is intended for diesel engines. These machines feature extremely large torques, making them ideal for the output range that characterizes the medium and heavy diesel engines used in the commercial vehicle industry.

The HD product family is available with various cooling concepts. Pure air cooling allows easy installation on low-power machines of the HD product range. The high power AC machines are equipped with water cooling as well as a radial fan.

The HD LC (Heavy Duty Liquid Cooled) series of loading units feature especially powerful torques. They benefit from low noise levels as a result of liquid cooling. In addition, they generate less heat in test rooms due to heat dissipation via the coolant.

Segment: Automotive Test Systems
Division: Mechatronics
Base product

Key features

  • Wide power range from 255 kW up to 1,000 kW for all kinds of heavy-duty test applications
  • Highest rated torques up to 5,150 Nm
  • Lower power dynamometers are air cooled for easy installation and upgrading of existing test cells
  • High power motors are equipped with a radial fan combined with water cooling
  • LC version with heat exchanger for better heat dissipation and for noise sensitive applications (NVH)
  • Measuring flange for highest torque measurement accuracy of real shaft torque


Figures, Data, Facts DYNAS3 HD

Machine DYNAS3 HD HD 460 (LC) 

HD 600 (LC)

HD 670 (LC)HD 800 (LC)
Rated power (absorbing)[kW]462600670792
Rated current IN[A]800615674860
Rated speed (absorbing)[rpm]1645144918071508
Rated torque (absorbing)[Nm]2680395735425012
Rated power (driving)[kW]445576665768
Rated speed (driving)[rpm]1625143117931492
Rated torque (driving)[Nm]2600384035424916
Overload factor, absorbing (max. 60 s and 10 min cycle time) 1,21,31,191,21
Maximum speed nmax[rpm]5010450045003500
Power at nmax (absorbing)[kW]296419584629
Moment of inertia incl. attachments[kgm2]6,18,610,010,0
Max. speed gradient up to rated speed incl. overload[rpm/s]5100570040255791
Development of combustion engines on engine test stands
Development of combustion engines on engine test stands
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