Total Nitrogen and Sulfur Analyzer

The XPLORER-NS was developed as a total nitrogen/total sulfur combustion analyzer, capable of handling fully automated applications for liquids, solids, and gases (including LPG samples.) Changing from the liquids & gas module to the solids module has never been easier. Just push one button and the liquids module is automatically retracted from the heated zone. No clamps or manual locks required.

Segment: Scientific
Division: Elemental Analysis
Base product
Manufacturing Company: Trace Elemental Instruments

• Ultra-low detection limit, high stability and reliability due to the temperature controlled detectors and feedback control loop.
• Compact design, with the smallest footprint in the market.
• Short start-up time. (Less than 15 minutes from standby mode).
• Fast and precise measurement of liquids, solids, and gases (including LPGs).
• Automation available for each type of measurement.
• Easy to use and intuitive user interface and operational software.
• Simultaneous analysis of nitrogen & sulfur.
• Fast and easy switching between modules, resulting in high productivity.
• Complies with international standards like: ASTM, ISO, EN and IP.
• Fully automated creation of calibration curves from a single stock solution with the optional ARCHIE.
• Fast generation of sample lists and application methods.
• Low maintenance due to optimal combustion and the proper conditioning of the resulting gases produces near zero downtime.

Dimensions (width x height x depth)     36 x 27.2 x 69 cm (14.2 x 10.7 x 27.2 in.)
Weight                                                   32 kg (70.5 lbs) without furnace tube and introduction module
Voltage                                                  100-240 V, 50-60 hz
Power requirement (max)                      1.15KW
Gas Connectors                                     ⅛” Swagelok
Gases required                                      Oxygen 99.6%, Argon 99.998% or Helium 99.99%
Input gas pressure                                 3-10 bar (45-145 PSI)
Internal gas pressure                             1.8 bar, adjustable
Furnace voltage                                     Dual zone, low voltage
Furnace temperature (max)                   1150 °C (2102 °F)
Furnace cooling                                     Pulling fan with auto control
Sample introduction                               Solid or liquid by boat, Liquid by direct injection, Gases and LPGs by GLS
Sample size                                           Solids: 5-1000 mg; Liquids: 100 μL; Gas; 10 ml; LPG; 100 μL
Semi-automatic boat/syringe driver       Software controlled, programmable method file
Slider/shutter driver                               Software controlled
Detector Nitrogen                                  Chemiluminescence
Detector Sulfur                                      Xenon pulsed UV-fluorescence AFC Technology
Detector accuracy                                 Better than 2% CV
Detector conditioning                            Temperature controlled, adjustable
Vacuum pump                                       Internal 24 volt DC
Software                                                dot.NET-based, TEIS software
Ambient temperature                             5-35 °C (41-95 °F) noncondensing

Oil and Gas Monitoring in Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas Monitoring in Oil and Gas


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