Introduction to Atomic Force Microscopy: Probing Material Properties at the Nanoscale

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Beginning: 05/21/20

Presented by: Dr. Maruda Shanmugasundaram, AFM - Raman Applications Scientist, HORIBA Scientific

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) is a widely used technique for studying materials with very high spatial resolution. It is used universally for measuring a host of properties at the nanoscale, such as topographic, electrical, mechanical, and other material properties. It is used in materials sciences research, life sciences research, as well as in industrial QA, QC, R&D, and failure analysis applications.

This webinar will give an introduction to AFM technique, instrumentation, and describe basic operating principles behind AFM. It will describe other Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) imaging modes for measuring material properties beyond topography, and selected SPM application examples will be presented. In addition, an overview of the integration of SPM with optical techniques such as Raman spectroscopy will also be presented with selected application examples. Such combined systems enable a combination of physical and chemical analysis at the nanoscale level.