HORIBA Scientific and Year of Light

200 years we devote our efforts so that light serves our lives and our future. On the occasion of the Year of the Light, we are proud to present our current instruments and a collection of instruments marking the history of our company, lenses made in the early 19th century by Jean-Baptiste Soleil for Augustin Fresnel, through the work done for J. Babinet or Ch. Fabry. These instruments connect our activities to some of the greatest scientists of their time and show a practice of "open innovation" long before the term was commonplace. We will build on this strength to grow in the 21st century, bringing our knowledge of optics to resolve challenges that modern societies are facing, such as photovoltaic power generation or personalized medicine based on genomics.

Take pleasure to walk in history, in the company of scientists, engineers and technicians who made this adventure possible and watch what we produce today.

Products developed by scientists for industrial

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Today, we offer technics at the cutting edge of scientific and industrials community.

Analyse Elémentaire
  • GDOES- Glow Discharge Optical Elemental Spectroscopy
  • EMIA - Carbon/Sulfur
  • EMGA - Oxygen / Nitrogen / Hydrogen
  • SLFA – Sulfur in hydrocarbon analyzer