Capacitance Manometer

Absolute pressure measurement is crucial for most of vacuum processes in various industries including Semiconductor, FPD, HDD, PV and Coating. A capacitance manometer determines the total pressure from the deformation of the diaphragm that occurs when a pressure difference is applied to both side of the diaphragm. The strong points of the capacitance manometer over other methods are:

•Higher precision

•Less gas dependence in pressure output

•Relatively resistant to corrosive gases

Segment: Semiconductor
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd.
  • Compact self heating design
  • High performance and high stability resulting from innovative electrode structure
  • SUS316L diaphragm
  • Selectable from temperature-controlled (55, 100°C) or non-heating type
  • ONE PUSH ReZero
  • Power requirements +/-15VDC or 24VDC
  • CE & RoHS compliant
F.S. measurement range133.32 Pa (A)1.3332kPa (A), 13.332kPa (A), 133.32kPa (A)133.32Pa (A)1.3332kPa (A), 13.332kPa (A), 133.32kPa (A)
Sensor temperature *1Amb. (25°C)55℃ / 100°C
Accuracy *20.5% R.S.0.25% R.S.0.5% R.S.0.25% R.S.
Resolution0.03% F.S.0.01% F.S.0.03% F.S.0.01% F.S.
Zero temperature coefficient0.01% F.S./°C0.005% F.S./°C0.005% F.S. /°C0.0025% F.S. /°C
Span temperature coefficient0.05% R.S./°C0.03% R.S./°C0.03% R.S. /°C0.02% R.S. /°C
Response time< 60msec
Operating temperatue *310-50°C
Wetted materialsSUS316L
Pressurization limit300kPA (A)350kPa (A)300kPa (A)350kPa (A)
Output signal0-10VDC Load resistance: 10kΩ or more
I/O connectorD-Sub 15pin
Power supply voltage+15VDC±5%、0.1A max. -15VDC±5%、0.1A max+15VDC±5%, 0.6Amax. -15VDC±5%, 0.6Amax.
24VDC±5%, 2.4W max.24VDC±5%, 22W max.
warm-up time15 minutes60 minutes (55°C temp. control type)
120 minutes (100°C temp. control type)
Open collector outputRated voltage: 30V Rated current: 50mA
Re-Zero input *4Now-voltage contact input Contact open voltage: 13V Maximum contact current: 1.3mA
Standard fitting *5KF16, 1/2 inch VCR Female, ICF34, 1/4 inch VCR Female

*1 The sensor temperatureis indicated on the nameplate. Please specify the sensor temperature when ordering.
*2 Linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability are included. (at the ambient temperature of 25°C)
*3 Under the specified environmental conditions, when there are heat sources around the product or when some products are placed in close formation, the ambient temperature may exceed the specified ambient temperature.
*4 The adjustable range of the zero point is ± 5%.
*5 Please specify the fitting when ordering.


Sterilization Process in Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Sterilization Process in Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Vacuum Monitoring in Dryer Equipment for Freeze Dry in Pharmaceuticals and Medicine Manufacturing
Vacuum Monitoring in Dryer Equipment for Freeze Dry in Pharmaceuticals and Medicine Manufacturing

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