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Introduction to Gas Adsorption

A little known but widely applied measurement technique in material science is gas adsorption. Gas adsorption is used in the study and manufacture of batteries, catalysts, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, coatings, nanomaterials, and many more. It can reveal meaningful information about the surface of materials – from total surface area to pore structure.  In many ways, determining these physical properties of a substance is just as important as understanding their chemical properties.

This presentation will begin with the fundamental building blocks for this technique and illustrate the basics so that scientists and technicians who are new to this method or even those who are well versed can better familiarize themselves with the basics. Then, this presentation will primarily focus upon the calculation of surface area from gas adsorption raw data using the BET (Brunauer, Emmett and Teller) method.

SA-9600 Series
SA-9600 Series

BET Flowing Gas Surface Area Analyzers

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