Raman Characterization of Polymers in Industrial Applications

Raman Characterization of Polymers in Industrial Applications

Recent developments in Raman instrumentation have made the technique easier to use, more compact, and more affordable. Consequently, all of the demonstrated potential of the spectroscopy for industrial uses can now be exploited, including its use in combination with statistical methods for concentration calibrations.

For many years Raman Spectroscopy has been applied to characterization of polymers. However, the applications have tended to be research-oriented, rather than designed for routine analysis.

With the developments in Raman instrumentation, it is now possible to acquire spectra quite rapidly on equipment that is much more affordable and easier to use than in the past.

The following will summarize how Raman spectrosocpy has been used successfully for the study of polymers, and will indicate which effects can be monitored on a routine basis for industrial analytical purposes.

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