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Evaluation of Diameter (Thickness) and Aggregation/Dissociation State of Carbon Nanotube Dispersions

Particle Characterization

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are thin, light, and flexible string-like materials with a minimum diameter of less than 1 nm that are composed entirely of carbon atoms. Because of their high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and heat resistance, CNTs are being developed for a variety of applications as next-generation materials. On the other hand, CNTs easily aggregate, so it is essential to understand and control the state of aggregation in order to achieve the expected performance.

For this purpose, an analytical method that can quickly evaluate wide particle size distributions (PSD) from isolated dispersion to aggregation, with high resolution, is necessary. CNTs from 3 companies and 4 kinds of CNTs, whose diameter and length in the isolated dispersed state are shown as catalog values, were measured with the centrifugal nanoparticle analyzer Partica CENTRIFUGE.

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