Direct Imaging Particle Analyzer

The Eyecon2™ is a real-time, direct imaging particle analyzer built to meet the standards of the pharmaceutical industry but can be used anywhere powders and bulk solids flow. It enables faster understanding of particle size, shape and variation with real-time particle size distribution and shape data updated every ~ 5 sec. With a measurement range from 50 - 5500 μm, the Eyecon2 is well-suited for use in the food, chemical, agricultural, cosmetics and veterinary industries.

*Available only in the Americas. For additional information, please contact us.

    Segment: Scientific
    Manufacturing Company: Innopharma Technology

    The Eyecon2 helps customers understand particle size and shape variation and in turn determine why a process is failing, why yield is reduced, what the source of product variation is, and whether or how a process can be best scaled up to commercial manufacturing.

    Reduced cycle time, increased yields

    • Tried and tested through installations around the world on Fluidised Bed Coating (e.g Wurster), Fluidised bed Granulation/Drying, Twin Screw Granulation, Dry Granulation/Roller Compaction, Extrusion Spheronisation, Milling, Blending, and product transfer process equipment.
    • Uses direct imaging processed in real-time, with ellipses fitted to each particle's boundary, shape and size reported back, highlighting variations.
    • Continuous monitoring of processes critical quality attributes (CQAs) delivers sufficient understanding to devise a data-driven control strategy.
    • Can be used both in-line and at-line/benchtop for at-line/benchtop measurement of manufacturing processes in real-time.
    • Non-product contact to ensure proper measurements every time.



    “The Glatt CPS® pelletization process requires a rapid objective PSD measurement method during processing to follow the particle growth curve and accurately determine end-point. Traditional methods are too slow or subjective and therefore may be an unacceptable risk for use as an In-Process Control (IPC) in a control strategy. Eyecon2 with its automated high-speed image analysis is implemented to accurately predict the process end-point with fast objective PSD data, supported by particle images, to significantly improve process optimisation and control.”
    - Thomas Hofmaier, Head of Business Unit Process Technology Pharma, Glatt GmbH

    “Before we had any PAT tools, process was like a black box to us. We put something in and get something out without knowing what happened inside. Now we have an ‘Eye’ to look inside that black box and see what’s really going on in there.”

    “I believe the purpose of introducing a new technology should always be to get more returns out of it. When we introduce PAT technology, we hope to get better process understandings with it. And based on these understandings, we can work to get better product quality, higher yield or efficiency, which will eventually bring us very rewarding returns in time.”
    - Deron HE, General Manager of Smart Manufacturing Dept., Chanse Technology (Jiangsu) Inc.

    “More and more high-end Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers are aware of and actively seeking to implement QbD principals into their manufacturing processes. Implementation of Eyecon2 optimises FBP design and subsequently enables increased process understanding.”
    - Arthur Rong, Vice Manager, OSD, Austar


    Size Range 50 - 5500 μm
    Principle Measurement Method (non-product contact) Direct Imaging
    Size Measurement Data D10, D25, D50, D75, D90 in numeric and volumetric with Mean and Median values all trended in real time with live histogram and S-curve results. Includes process deviation alarm. 
    Shape Measurement Data Eccentricity Average, Eccentricity RSD, Range 0-1
    Exportable Data PDF report of recording session, CSV file with data on every image analysed with full PSD from D5-D95, captured images exportable as JPEG.
    Data Processing EyePASSTM real time particle analysis software installed on a dedicated IPC/PC/Laptop with Windows 10.
    Measurement Time ~5 seconds per image
    Material Speed (max.) ≈ 10 m/sec



    Illumination source 12x3 High intensity, low energy RGB LEDs
    Image Area11.25 mm x 11.25 mm
    Pixel Size5.5 μm x 5.5 μm
    Resolution2046 px x 2046 px



    Dimensions & Weight250 x 128 x 132 mm (4 kg)
    Power230VAC @ 50HZ / 110VAC @ 60HZ
    Casing Materials304 Stainless steel, Glass window, Silicon gaskets



    GMP EyePASS is both 21 CFR part 11 & GAMP5 Compliant
    CommunicationsEyePASS is Open Platform Communications compatible with OPC UA & OPC DA 3


    Conformance & Certifications

    CE Marking EU declaration of conformity
    ATEX CertifiedThe Eyecon2 is suitable for ATEX zones 2/22, IP65.
    IECX CertsInternational Electrotechnical Commission Explosive Standards certification available upon request.


    Guide to D-values in Pharmaceutical Particle Characterization
    Guide to D-values in Pharmaceutical Particle Characterization
    It is necessary to have a particle size quantification system better suited to the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical industry; and D-values, while basic, fit this requirement well.
    Real-Time Prediction of Polymer-Coated Multiparticulate Dissolution using Process Analytical Technology
    Real-Time Prediction of Polymer-Coated Multiparticulate Dissolution using Process Analytical Technology
    Process Analytical Technology, or “PAT” is the term given to analytical instruments developed to measure certain attributes of product within the manufacturing process, eliminating, or substantially minimizing the need for sampling for off-line analysis. This approach offers process measurements in-situ with instant access to data, which facilitates rapid decisions during product development and manufacture.

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