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Pulse compression gratings using holographic techniques

HORIBA Scientific, as Jobin Yvon has pioneered the design and development of pulse compression gratings using holographic techniques. By carefully designing the grating groove parameters, gold-coated pulse compression gratings can achieve typically diffraction average efficiencies as high as 94% at 800 nm (TiSa), 910 nm (OPCPA), 1030 nm (Ytterbium), 1 053 nm (Nd glass) or 1.55 µm. In addition, the holographic manufacturing technique can produce very large gratings that demonstrate an excellent uniformity and quality of the diffracted wavefront.

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Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

In CPA lasers where the highest optical performance and damage thresholds are required, a master gold-coated holographic grating ensures best performances. Master gratings are the technology of choice for large-area gratings, and HORIBA currently supplies a large range of several standard sizes up to meter-size. Standard groove densities include 1200, 1480 and 1740 lines/mm, for operation in the spectral range from 600 nm to 1600 nm. Custom sizes can be considered up to 1500 mm, and alternate groove densities, non-standard wavelength optimization, and/or larger grating sizes will be reviewed upon request.


  • High efficiency: typically from 90% to 94% absolute efficiency on TM polarization,
  • Operation in large spectral domain: from 600 nm to 1600 nm,
  • Ideal for ultrafast lasers: TiSa (800 nm), OPCPA (900 nm), Ytterbium (1030 nm), Nd:glass (1053 nm), ...
  • Groove densities: in standard 1200, 1480 and 1740gr/mm,
  • Dimensions: Up to 1500 mm,
  • Large range of standard and custom sizes for all groove densities,
  • High wavefront quality: up to λ/20 RMS of holographic error,
  • Custom gratings design to match with your pulse compressor.

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