Synapse EMCCD Camera

Synapse EMCCD Scientific Camera

EMCCD Scientific Camera

HORIBA’s high spectral resolution EMCCD Scientific Cameras with various image areas are Ideal for high-speed or multi-track spectroscopy. With readout rates of up to 3 MHz, our cameras can acquire more than 1,600 spectra per second. Our EMCCD Scientific Cameras include dual EMCCD and CCD readout modes for a broad range of light conditions and deep thermoelectric cooling with air or liquid circulation to minimize dark current. And our single fused-silica vacuum window minimizes reflection losses from UV to the near-IR.

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Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific
  • 1600 × 200 or 1600 × 400 EMCCD sensor
    16 × 16 μm pixel size for high spectral resolution
  • 25.6 × 3.2 mm or 25.6 × 6.4 mm image area
    Ideal for high-speed or multi-track spectroscopy
  • Back- and front-illuminated
    BIQX Technology with enhanced QE below 450 nm
  • Deep thermoelectric cooling
    Air or liquid circulation to minimize dark current
  • Dual readout modes
    EMCCD or CCD for a broad range of light conditions 
  • Readout rates up to 3 MHz
    Acquires more than 1600 spectra per second 
  • Single fused-silica vacuum window
    Minimizes reflection losses from UV to near-IR


EMCCD Camera Specifications

SensorFront-illuminated (FI), back-illuminated (BI), scientific grade 1
Active pixels1600 × 2001600 × 400
Pixel size16 μm × 16 μm
Image area25.6 mm × 3.2 mm25.6 mm × 6.4 mm
Output node well capacity
    High Sensitivity mode
    Electron Multiplying mode


300,000 e—
1,300,000 e—

Register well depth
    High Sensitivity mode
    Electron Multiplying mode


450,000 e—
800,000 e—

(measured at all speeds per camera)
Non-linearity (measured at all speeds per camera)
Readout Noise (e—): Typ. (Max)
    High Sensitivity mode: EM off
    Electron Multiplying mode: EM off
    Electron Multiplying mode: EM on

50 kHz
2.7 (5)
8.0 (15)
< 1

1 MHz
6.1 (9)
23 (35)
< 1

3 MHz
8.5 (12)
38 (50)
 < 1

Dark Current at —60°C (e—/pixel/s)


< 0.0025
< 0.015

Maximum spectra per second
    Full vertical bin
    ROI mode 20 rows
    ROI mode 8 rows (1)





Software-adjustable gain (e—/count)
    High Sensitivity mode
    Electron Multiplying mode
Selectable from 0.6 to 4.0
Selectable from 3.6 to 25
Electron multiplier gain1 to 1000, software-controlled
Digitization16-bit ADC
Vertical shift rates4.9, 9.6, 19 software-selectable*
Cooling at +20°C
    Liquid-cooling recirculator
—60°C (guaranteed)
—75°C (typical)
Power requirements
    AC-DC power supply (provided)
AC input 90–264 VAC, 47–63 Hz
DC output +9 V, 6.44 A maximum

* Some decrease in CTE may be observed at faster speeds


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