The new OEM compact monochromator MF61 have been designed around an aberration–corrected, type IV concave holographic grating.

The diffraction grating plays a triple role:

  • Collimator
  • Dispersing
  • Focusing


  • Resolution : 1 nm FWHM (with 100 µm * 4 mm slits)

  • Wavelength accuracy: ± 1.5 nm with a curve fit

  • Step repeatability : ± 0.2 nm (with 1200 g/mm)

More sophisticated motors can yield better wavelength accuracy and reproducibility.

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific


With a 100 mm focal length and a F/3.5 aperture, the new MF61 is equipped with a rapid scanning direct drive system; the wavelength drive is directly coupled to a stepper motor.

  • Concave grating.

  • Deviation : 61.6°.

  • Aperture : F/#:3.5.

  • Dispersion : 8 nm/mm.

Different models of slits are proposed dependingon the resolution requested by the customer. The basic model is supplied with a pair of slits of 0.5 or 1 mm width. Different models of stepper motors are proposed depending on the resolution requested by the customer. In the basic model, the MF61 is equipped with a 4 phase stepper motor with 12000 step/360°. The spectral range can be scanned in less than 1 sec.

Focal length : 100 mm.