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GIANT 5000 Series

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Compact Inertia Brake Dynamometer System

The GIANT 5000 Series was designed to test complete vehicle brakes of small and medium sized cars with a braking load up to 1000 kg and a simulation range of up to 140 kgm2.

The system offers three versions to allow an optimum.


Segmento: Automotive
Divisão: Mechatronics
Fabricante: HORIBA Europe GmbH


  • State-of-the-Art technology
  • Top price/performance ratio
  • Only minor infrastructure and building preparation required
  • Short delivery and installation times
  • The system comes in one transportation unit
  • Classic disc-caliper or drum-back plate mounting
  • Knuckle fixture possible
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • High levels of inertia simulation
  • Standardized components
  • Windows-compatible user interface
  • Use of standardized evaluation software (MS Excel and NI Diadem™)



  • Machine frame mounted on special vibration insulators. No seismic concrete block required
  • DC electrical machine to accelerate the flywheel used to apply the torque load to the test brake
  • Drive cabinet to supply the DC machine
  • Braking control to actuate the test brake in pressure, torque or controlled mode
  • Measuring systems for speed/pressure/torque/temperature
  • Compact PLC for basic machine monitoring and controls
  • Computer System Hardware and Software for automated testing




Electrical Inertia Simulation


Mechanical Inertia Range


Dyno Speed


Stopping Torque


Drag Torque


Engine Power


GIANT 50005-10015-600-240030001000125
GIANT 520010-15020-1100-240030001400175
GIANT 540010-18020-1400-240040001800225

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