POLLUTEC Lyon, Dec. 2nd to Dec 5th 2008.

18. Dezember 2008

HORIBA booth at the POLLUTEC

France's major exhibition regarding environment, called "POLLUTEC",  is held every other year in Lyon, France.  Draining over 70000 participants from France, but also North Africa, it is a place where HORIBA France Process & Environmental Segment has to be.  Our origin and the 150 years anniversary of the France-Japan cooperation, decided us this year to make a Japanese style booth.  All Horiba investments in France are also a benefit for us, because our customers can see us as a partner in the region.

This exhibition was a success for us and has driven 30 % more visits compare to the previous one.  We proudly presented the new U-50 probe for water at the main corner and many people stopped on our fountain show.  More and more actively engaged in African region, we had good attention from North African Environmental Ministers.  We will continue our effort to promote HORIBA products for their Environmental improvement.