HU-200SS (Four-Wire Analyzer)


  • No span calibration needed in transmission method
  • Long-life LED light source
  • Built-in reference light monitor for automatic compensation of light intensity fluctuation

Hergestellt von HORIBA Advanced Techno


Measuring method

Light transmission method

Measurable range

Activated sludge (MLSS): 0-20000 mg/L   Resolution: 1 mg/L (0-10000mg/L)
Kaolin: 0-10000 mg/L   Resolution: 10 mg/L (10000-22000mg/L)
Clay(inorganic mud): 0-20000 mg/L


Within a reading value ±3% or ±10 mg/L, whichever is larger. (sensor connecting sludge measured value)

Transmission output

One points 4 to 20 mA DC Input/output insulation type Maximum load resistance 900 Ω

Contact output

Three points Output type: No-voltage contact output Relay contact, SPDT
Contact capability R1, R2: Selectable from upper limit alarm, lower limit alarm, transmission output Hold, and cleaning output. (opened at alarm operation, closed usually, closed at power-off)
 FAIL: Error warning (normally closed; open when an error occurs; open when the power is turned OFF)

Cleaning output

One points   Active voltage contact output (connected supply voltage output)
 Contact capability: Solenoid valve drive for cleaning

Contact input

One points   Contact type: No-voltage a contact for open collector
 Contact capability: Can be selected from cleaning directives and transmission hold.

Communication capability

RS-485   Two-wire input/output insulation type (not insulated from transmission output)

Ambient temperature

-20˚C to 55˚C (without freezing)

Calibration method

  • Zero calibration: With clean water
  • Span calibration: Concentration conversion method using coefficient input
  • Working curve selection: (selection of activated sludge and inorganic mud)
    There is a feature that allows you to match an instrument indicated value to a hand analyzed value of sludge (by the Mass method).


Sensor check error, Converter error

Power source

90 V to 264 V AC, 50/60 Hz 35 VA (max.) when an automatic cleaner is connected.


Outdoor installation type: IP65 Protection class
Installation method: 50 A pole-mounted or wall-mounted
Material of case: Aluminum alloy (coated with epoxy modified melamine resin)
Material of mounting brackets: SUS304


Approx. 4.5 kg

Equipment protected

CE marking, FCC rules