Meeting Green Goals with Zeta Potential and the SZ-100

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Webinar Description

Particles or emulsion droplets can be removed from dirty water in a settling pond or tank. The process can be accelerated by adding coagulants. Zeta potential measurements help save (green) money and improve treatment results (for a green environment). Learn how zeta potential measurement helps determine the most effective or economical additives for wastewater processing. This information will be useful for any zeta potential analyzer and specifically the SZ-100 Nanoparticle Analyzer.

Covering the following topics:

  • Introduction to the effect of charge on water treatment
  • Why measure zeta potential?
  • How to select the optimum additive
  • Case studies

Particle Analysis Products

nanoPartica SZ-100V2 Series
nanoPartica SZ-100V2 Series

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