Non-destructive failure analysis on a large printed circuit board

With the spread of electrification, printed circuit boards are widely used in a multitude of products. While the size of a board is designed to be larger, individual components are designed to be smaller. Hence, even a small defect may cause malfunction of a product, and analytical instruments capable of small spot analysis are essential to ensure the quality of electronics by detecting and understanding causes of failures and avoid costly recalls.

Our XGT-9000SL allows failure analysis at a microscopic level on a large sample, non-destructively, thanks to its large chamber capacity and its microprobes. It also allows transmission X-ray imaging to find internal defects of electronics, thanks to a transmission X-ray detector.

In addition, the XGT-9000SL is capable of various analyses, such as a coating thickness calculation function and a RoHS analysis function, thanks to its various software suite modules.

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