Lumetta compact spectrograph

Imaging Spectrograph

High Sensitivity Imaging Spectrograph

Compact, affordable imaging spectrograph with deep-cooled scientific CCD

HORIBA Scientific’s new Lumetta™ delivers benchtop performance in a small, value priced package to the rapid compact spectrometer market. It offers the highest throughput/signal gathering capacity in its class, employing a tall sensor and an F/2 design. With a scientific grade-one high quantum efficiency CCD cooled to -50 oC, it provides a sensitivity that rivals more expensive high-end benchtop systems. As an imaging spectrograph, it enables advanced techniques such as multitrack spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging ― all at an affordable price.

The Lumetta features:

  • 1200:1 Signal-to-Noise
  • 16-bit electronics with exceptionally low noise
  • Lowest stray light in its class at <0.1%
  • Highest optical throughput in its class:
    • 6.7 mm usable slit height
    • F/2 spectrograph matched with common fibers of 0.22NA
    • 40% longer focal length allowing wider slits (high throughput) for a given resolution
    • Large area sensors enable optical light gathering for low light application
    • Smallest CCD non-linearity for computational accuracy (<0.4%)
    • Top of the range on speed – up to 278 spectra/second
    • Accepts/couples to SMA FC and Ferrule Fiber termination
    • Can integrate for hours under low light conditions to build up the signal


See our top of the line Hyperspectral Imaging system – H116 – with sCMOS technology
95% Q.E. / 188 frames per second / 40um spatial imaging / 1.5 pixel Smile & Keystone / 200 to 1050nm in ONE shot with 1nm resolution)

If you are looking for OEM compact imaging spectrometers for prototyping or large quantities please visit our OEM division.

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific
  •  High Sensitivity - Ideal for low light level detection
         Class 1 Scientific CCD deep cooled to -50ºC 
         Extremely low read noise
  • Very efficient light gathering
         F/2 Spectrograph collect light over wide angles
         6.7mm tall CCD enable use of large fiber bundles for light collection
  • Imaging Spectrograph enables Multitrack spectroscopy and Hyperspectral imaging
  • Flexible signal input with FC, SMA, Ferrule and free space input
  • Compact and affordable
  • Lifetime vacuum warranty
  • USB 2.0 interface: 100% guaranteed data integrity
  • HORIBA SynerJY acquisition and analysis software


  • Photoluminescence 
  • Absorption
  • Transmission 
  • Hyperspectral Imaging 
  • QC

Input (one of) 

Free Space, SMA, FC 1/4" ferrule (0.22 NA)

Slits (one of) (µm)

25, 50, 100, 250, 1000



Focal Length (mm)


Dispersion (nm/mm)


Spectral Range (nm)


Spectral Resolution per pixel* (nm)


Signal to Noise Ratio


Dynamic Range



16-bit ADC

Maximum Spectral Rate

278 Hz @ 1MHz scan rate

Power Requirements

90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz

Dimensions (inches)

8.29 x 12.29 x 5.38


*26µm CCD pixel

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