Horiba Group Applies Biotechnologies in Its Measurement Business

15. Januar 2002

Horiba, Ltd. has purchased the results of R&D conducted by Environmental Immuno-Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. regarding the fast and easy measurement of environmentally damaging chemical substances. Horiba will authorize Bio Applied Systems Inc. (to be called “BAS” hereafter; headquarters in Kyoto, president: Katsuhiko Tomita), a Horiba subsidiary and developer of bio-related measurement instruments, to use and apply the purchased biotechnologies, aiming to establish its own biotechnologies. In addition, BAS plans to develop products from the purchased research results and make such know-how available for the benefit of general society.

=Future Directions for Bio Applied Systems Inc.=
Based upon the biotechnologies authorized by Horiba for use, BAS plans to market reagent kits this year that use immunochemical measurement methods and, at the same time, to develop simple measuring devices that assist the users of the kits. The reagents contained in the kits are designed for major agricultural chemicals used in Japan as insecticides or bactericides. BAS plans to release about ten new reagent kits every year.

=Future Directions for Horiba=
Horiba, for its part, can use the biotechnologies to be developed by BAS for its measurement technologies, and thus create new developments and applications. With respect to the measuring of agricultural chemicals and other endocrine disrupters, BAS’s reagent technologies will be used for Horiba’s medical measurement technologies and products. Furthermore, Horiba expects to do business in the area of immunochemical measurement, including that related to antigen-antibody reactions, in conjunction with its existing measurement instrument technologies.
Horiba, together with BAS, will work to reinforce its technological strengths as a manufacturer of measurement instruments, through the introduction of potential biotechnologies.