HORIBA is exhibiting at SEMICON West 2017

3. Juli 2017

HORIBA Semiconductor, a global leader in Process Metrology and Control in the semiconductor manufacturing market, will be exhibiting at SEMICON West 2017, in San Francisco, from July 11 to July 13, 2017.

SEMICON West is the premier annual event for the global microelectronics industry, highlighting the latest innovations, products, processes, and services for the design and manufacture of today’s most sophisticated electronics.

SEMICON West showcases innovations across the microelectronics supply chain, from silicon to system and everything in between. From the latest research on the cutting-edge of transistor technology, to solutions breathing new life into legacy fabs, SEMICON West is the place to connect to what’s new and what’s next in microelectronics.

HORIBA Semiconductor will feature four innovative control and monitoring products that enable the manufacturing of next generation semiconductor products. These products represent HORIBA’s technology leadership and continued research and development to support the most demanding process applications.

In response to a broad industry demand for higher speed communications options, HORIBA has added an EtherCAT® communications option to several of its leading process control products.

  • Pressure-based Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Module CRITERION D500: The leading edge CRITERION D500 offers excellent performance for critical low flow and medium flow processes, high accuracy, fast response, Pressure Insensitivity, G-LIFE (Gas Law check of Integrated Flow restrictor Equation) Self-diagnosis function, Multi-Gas/Multi-Range allowing users to change gas type and full scale flow rate, and convenient local display options.
  • Thermal Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Module SEC-Z700X Series: High performance model. The SEC-Z700X series has all the performance benefits of the SEC-Z500X but with pressure transient insensitivity, pressure readout and a built in display.
  • Thermal Digital Mass Flow Controller SEC-Z500X Series: HORIBA’s best-selling model used extensively in 200mm and 300mm applications. HORIBA’s flagship thermal mass flow controller provides setpoint accuracy, excellent repeatability and Multi-Gas/Multi-Range feature.
  • Pressure Controller with Flow Readout GR-300 Series. Designed for backside wafer cooling, the GR-300 series offers a low pressure control solution with an onboard flow sensor / Flow output. All of these are now available with a “7” designator for EtherCAT® communciations.    

*EtherCAT is a registered trademark of Beckhoff Automation.

Advanced Chemical Concentration Monitor for BEOL CS-700

  • Measures concentrations of various multi-constituent chemicals used in critical wet processes using the Lamber-Beers principle.
  • Can monitor up to 8 constituents in real time with high accuracy and repeatability.
  • Zero reagent requirement and zero sample consumption translate to a reduced total cost of ownership.

Advanced Dissolved Oxygen Monitor HD-960L

  • Utilizes an innovative polarographic sensor and an auto-ranging feature to give users real-time trace Dissolved Oxygen data down to the parts-per-billion level.
  • Allows users to continuously monitor Dissolved Oxygen levels, avoid process excursions due to oxidation and more effectively control silicon etch rates.
  • Monitor parts-per-billion level of Dissolved Oxygen in chemicals used in wet process, with a low sample-consumption rate.

Chamber Cleaning End-point Monitor IR-400 Series

  • Utilizes tuned NDIR to detect trace amounts of cleaning gases such as NF3, SiF4, CF4 and WF6
  • Available with on-board gas type selection supporting a variety of cleaning process gases
  • Detection of gases in the foreline, enables tighter control over chamber clean process steps and reduced chamber down time.

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