HTC and Semi Hight Tech U

18. Februar 2010

SEMI High Tech U is an industry-driven math-and science- based career exploration program produced and presented by SEMI Foundation.   The Non-Profit SEMI Foundation supports the global microelectronics and related industries through promotion of education and career awareness in the fields of high technology.

The SEMI High Tech U for students is a unique and highly interactive program that introduces the science of making semiconductors and the main career pathways in math and science based professions.

This year Horiba Technology Center “HTC” is proud to participate in this program.    The program is 3 days and Horiba will participate and promote 1 day out of the three.  This event will take place on February 17, 2010.

This program strives to:

·         Enhance the perception of the semiconductor and high tech industries

·         Stimulate interest in high tech

·         Connect with industry leaders in the community

·         Provide activities and experiences that motivate and build confidence

·         Establish networking opportunities beyond the initial High Tech U experience


Some other sponsors include Tokyo Electron, DISCO Corp., Hitachi, Applied Materials, Intel, DNS, SEAJ .

February 17 will be a busy day for us. So what’s on the schedule, you ask?

Making IC’s – The Semiconductor Process: How are math, science and technology skills relevant in the semiconductor and related industries?

Chemistry: Matter Matters:  Through the use of batteries, light bulbs and salt water, students experiment to learn about conductivity and electricity. 

Electronics:  Making Things Work:  Participants work in teams with diodes, transistors and capacitors on a specially designed circuit board to learn how we store and transmit energy.

Tour of Horiba:  This will be conducted by Mr. Dale Poole, VP & General Manager of HoribaStec.

 VIP Session: Invited guest gather to learn about HTU & HTC.  

This is a great opportunity for Horiba to give back to the community and be seen as a company that cares about the future education of our youth.