Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Module D500

Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Module

This leading-edge pressure insensitive mass flow module is installed with differential pressure detection and a piezo actuator valve.

The high level of performance provided by the CRITERION D500 ensures it can be used for a range of advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes; pressure insensitive, multi-range/multi-gas/multi-pressure, G-LIFE (Gas Law check of Integrated Flow restrictor Equation) Self-Diagnosis function, high accuracy, fast response, wide range, and all-metal. 

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Segment: Semiconductor
Division: Fluid Control
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd.
  • Pressure Insensitive Performance
    A new high-performance Pressure Insensitive function provides a simplified gas supply system
  • Multi-range, multi-gas, multi-pressure solution
    The new functions allow the user to change gas type, Full-scale flow rate, and supply pressure range
  • G-LIFE (Gas Law check of Integrated Flow restrictor Equation) Self-Diagnosis function
    The advanced process health monitoring function allows operators to conduct their own tests, typically in three seconds or less for improved throughput
  • High Accuracy
    Flow rate accuracy for process gas has been improved with an advanced three-dimensional adjustment
  • Fast Response
    Response: < 0.8 second
    Accurate, stable flow control can be achieved 
  • Dynamic Range
    Wide control range: 0.2% F.S. to 100% F.S.


Technical Article

Pressure-Based Mass Flow Control Module CRITERION D507 Series (1.7MB)

"Recently, with the increase of application of a semiconductor device according to IoT, the latest semiconductor factories are focusing to minimize the downtime of the apparatus. Therefore, for the purpose of failure pre-detection of semiconductor tools and its components, the managed parameters of semiconductor process are increased, and its specification is getting tighter. In order to satisfy the required control criteria, the mass flow control module is required to have high-speed communication and failure pre-detecting function as well as flow rate accuracy and reproducibility, inlet pressure insensitivity performance. D507 series is lined up on D500 series to meet strict management at recent semiconductor factory."


Criterion Specifications
Size 0.15 MB
Pressure-Based Mass Flow Control Module CRITERION D507 Series Technical Article
Size 1.7 MB


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