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Constant Volume Sampler

The CVS-ONE series is designed for the measurement of diluted emissions from vehicles and engines. The new integrated operating platform, HORIBA ONE PLATFORM is adopted for the CVS-ONE. The hardware has been significantly downsized from previous designs, reducing test cell footprint requirements. It introduces new functions and is more user-friendly, while still maintaining high accuracy. In conjunction with the MEXA-ONE (Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer), the system can be used to measure extremely low emission levels such as SULEV. The new CVS reliably supports emission testing requirements of today and into the future.

Segment: Automotive Test Systems
Division: Emission Measurement Systems
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Ltd.

Integrated Opertaing Platform

The newly developed software is an integrated operating platform for MEXA-ONE, CVS-ONE and other devices. The intuitive, ergonomic design of the new software platform makes system operation easier. System control and a complete system view of other measurement devices are available from one single display. User support for system operation such as maintenance, alarm and message functions have been further enhanced.


System View
(Condition check for other devices)

A Compact Design for Flexible Layout

65% less volume, 70% less footprint.

〔Exhaust Sampling Unit〕

※ By comparison with HORIBA’s conventional products, depending on system specifications such as ESU / Heat Exchanger

 One System for All Applications

CVS-ONE offers a wide range of dilution flow rate options and separate main sample line functionality. One system covers testing for a wide variety of applications, such as diverse engine/vehicle testing, vehicle testing, and various fuel types (gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel).

Certification Test

  • Complies with the latest emission regulations
    EU: Euro 5/6, Euro VI
    US: 40 CFR Part 1065
    Japan: Post new long-term emissions regulations
    Support of future regulations as they become defined (CFR 1066, WLTP gtr, etc.)

    ※ CFR 1066, WLTP gtr are under consideration (as of April. 2013)
  • Flexible number of bags and combinations for various types of testing cycles
    Additional bags can be added after installation (Max.20 bags)


Highly Accurate Fuel Consumption Measurement

  • Suitable for Hybrid Vehicle/Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle fuel consumption tests
    Max. 5 Bag pairs; suitable for HV/Plug-in HV continuous testing
    Bag sampling is related to operating conditions of engine
  • Control measurement accuracy by history menu of system quality checks, system performance, and auto propane check (optional)


Low Emission Measurement for LEV III level (California, US)

  • Reduced influence of contamination from sampling gas
    Bag sampling unit and analyzers share the same enclosure (shorter gas line).
    Enhanced line purge functions
    Automatic system blank test (Null test) and history management function
  • Interference influence reduction
    Low concentration CO2 analyzer minimizes water interference
  • Select suitable dilution factor
    Easy to select suitable dilution factor with water monitor function (optional)


◎ Dilution System <LDV Gasoline / Diesel>

Flow controlCritical Flow Venturi (CFV)
Flow rate changingManual (Single-Venturi System)Automatic (Multi-Venturi System)
Maximum flow rate ※120 m3/min20 m3/min30 m3/min30 m3/min40 m3/min
Heat Exchanger--
Integrated Mixing Tee----
Exhaust Sampling Unit (ESU)655(W) × 855(D) × 1970(H) mm1310(W) × 855(D)
× 1970(H) mm
Approx. 350 kgApprox. 400 kg ※2Approx. 500 kgApprox. 800 kg
Bag Sampling Unit(BSU)To be integrated in the MEXA-ONE cabinet
Temperature5 to 40 deg.C
Humidity80% or less as relative humidity
Atmospheric pressure
and altitude
80 to 105 kPa (Up to 2000 m above sea-level) ※3

※1 Please contact HORIBA regarding optional specifications, such as a larger flow rate for heavy duty engines.
※2 For systems without Mixing Tee.
※3 System available under low pressure condition (80 to 93 kPa, 700 to 2000 m above sea level) should be specified when ordering as an optional specification.

  • Heated Bag Cabinet (HBC)

  • Flow Calibration Unit (SAO)

  • Propane Check Unit (CFO-202)

RDE tests on the chassis dynamometer
RDE tests on the chassis dynamometer
CVS-ONE Brochure English
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