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Particle Size Matters When it Comes to CBD Stability and Bioavailability

Particle Characterization

Cannabidiol (CBD), the main cannabinoid present in hemp, has made its way into everything from food and beverages, skincare to pharmaceutical products. A major hurdle with phytochemicals like CBD is that they have extremely low solubility in water, making it very difficult for the CBD to get absorbed into the bloodstream. The oral bioavailability of CBD can be as low as 6%i with comparable low efficacy associated with topical or transdermal application methodsii. For that reason, the industry has begun to utilize emulsion droplet size reduction methods commonly used in pharmaceutical and nutraceuticaliii industries to maximize CBD’s benefits and maintaining product stability.

In this Application Note, we will focus on the importance of monitoring particle size and distribution range throughout two different processing technologies used to improve shelf-life and efficacy of CBD products.

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