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Vacuum Spectrometer H20 UVL

Vacuum Spectrometer: A Compact Monochromator for the 100-600 nm region

Based on a single holographic concave aberration corrected grating, the H20-UVL is a monochromator covering the range 100-600 nm. His extremely compact design is ideal for lighting samples or making low resolution measurement when equipped with a single channel detector. A spectrograph version for multi-channel detector is also available upon request.


  • Excitation Monochromator (Fluorescence)
  • FUV Reflectometry/Absorption
  • Plasma Physics Study
Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

The H20-UVL is a monochromator especially designed for analyzing 100-600 nm  (2 to 12.4 eV) far UV (FUV) range when using under vacuum, or 190-600 nm at atmospheric pressure. This simple optical design dramatically reduces astigmatism and results in excellent throughput and spectral purity, even below 140 nm, where other instruments based on Czerny Turner design loose their efficiency because of the number of internal reflections and the working angles of their optics. Its micrometric slits and its worm drive make its scans precise and fast. 

This short focal length vacuum monochromator is ideal for sample illumination if equipped with a VUV light source, or for FUV low resolution analysis with a single PMT or silicon detector. A spectrograph version for one inch CCD detector or MCP (Micro Channel Plate) is available on request. 

Optical designSpherical Type IV VLS single optic 
Focal length200 mm
Grating density1200 gr/mm
Optic coatingMgF2 optimized at 121 nm
Deviation angle64°
Dispersion3.6 nm/mm at 100 nm
DriveFast worm drive
Minimum step0.06 nm
Speed400 nm/s
Accuracy+/- 0.1 nm 
Repeatability+/-0.06 nm
ResolutionBetter than 0.1 nm
Vacuum5 10-6 mbar
Pumping flangeDN63 LF
Entrance/exit portMicrometric slits (10 um to 2 mm)
Entrance/exit flangeDN25 KF
PC interfacebuilt-in USB2, no additional controller

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