Best Practices for Multiparticulate Formulations: The Importance of Computational Design and Process Analytical Technology

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Webinar Description

Multiparticulate (MP) dosage forms provide opportunities to modulate drug release characteristics and target specific release sites within the GI tract. Fluid bed bottom-spray (Wurster) coating is routinely used to apply successive coating layers in the development and manufacture of these multiparticulate formulations.

During development a key consideration is the amount of coating applied to achieve a target release profile. Typically, the quantity of coating is determined by the application of increasing percent weight gain until the desired release is obtained. While this approach has been successful, it’s time-consuming and lacks a strategy to achieve process control and long-term commercial success.

Experts in multiparticulate applications from Colorcon and Innopharma Technology will discuss how computational design and PAT can help build more robust formulations, predict multiparticulate performance, and accelerate development by reducing traditional iterative trial and testing practices in development.

Discover how the best practices and technology presented here will accelerate formulation development and improve quality outcomes for your multiparticulate formulations.

What will attendees learn?
• How computational design and PAT can predict MP formulation performance and build quality into MP formulations
• How to accelerate scale-up phase of development
• Gain insight to critical formulation and process attributes of MP functional performance

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