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Particle Agglomeration – A Technical How-to Guide with Illustrative Examples

In a time of nano-fine particles, why should we care about agglomerated ones?

Not everything is better or easier in small sizes. Agglomerated materials can offer a wealth of desirable functions crucial for handling, processing, and final application. Agglomeration is used to reduce dustiness, improve flowability, control segregation, and enhance wettability or dispersibility to make this process useful in many applications. All industries, from Food or Feed to Specialty Chemical markets, are relying heavily on agglomerated products' functionality.

This webinar will provide an overview of various agglomeration techniques with a consideration of their advantages and disadvantages. The focus will be on fluid bed agglomeration, but extrusion and high-shear agglomeration examples will also be discussed. In addition, different types of materials, such as proteins, detergents, polymers, and carbon blacks, and their wetting characteristics in correlation to particle size distribution and flowability will serve as examples.

Enjoy this great, informative, and always entertaining presentation from Willie Hendrickson, CEO & Founder of the AVEKA Group.

Partica LA-960V2
Partica LA-960V2

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