MEXA-ONE-FT FTIR Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer

FTIR Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer

The MEXA-ONE-FT Series simultaneously measures concentrations of multiple components, including NH3, N2O, CH4, CO and CO2, in undiluted exhaust gas using the Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) method in combination with a multivariate analysis algorithm. It incorporates HORIBA's proprietary compact interferometer which yields superior performance and high accuracy.
The system complies with NH3 testing requirements of Euro VI, the EU regulation for heavy duty emissions testing.
The MEXA-ONE-FT can be calibrated according to customer requirements with up to 6 component sets to cover a wide range of applications.
FTIR spectroscopy allows the direct measurement of NO2 emissions and the independent quantification of individual hydrocarbon species. This makes the MEXA-ONE-FT system an ideal solution for detailed research and development tasks.
Due to the measurement principle, the time-consuming daily span gas calibration is omitted.
In addition, usability and flexibility are realized by “HORIBA ONE PLATFORM” which enables to extend the system with other ONE analyzers to a complete solution suitable for both certification and R&D purposes.

Segment: Automotive Test Systems
Division: Emission Measurement Systems
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Ltd.


  • Euro VI compliance "MEXA-ONE-FT-E"

NH3 response time (t10-90): 5 seconds or less
Sampling temperature: 191°C

  • Simultaneous and continuous measurement of up to 28 components such as NO, NO2, N2O, NH3

・R&D for alcohol-based fuels
・Development of exhaust after-treatment systems
・Measurement of greenhouse gas


  • Tools for certification tests and R&D

Combined with the MEXA-ONE series, which is used for emission certification test, the MEXA-ONE-FT simultaneously measures NH3 along with various regulated and unregulated exhaust gas components. Options for THC and O2 measurements are available.


ModelStandard type: MEXA-ONE-FT
Euro VI compliance type: MEXA-ONE-FT-E
Conformed standardsCE, FCC, KC
Target components and ranges*1

Maximum 28 components 
Standard component set: for gasoline/diesel vehicle (18 components and “NO+NO2”)
Optional component set: for CNG-fueled vehicle (16 components and “NO+NO2”)

ApplicationsEmissions performance tests of various engines, evaluation of after-treatment systems, R&D for alcohol-based fuels, Certification of NH3emissions according to Euro VI
PrincipleFourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
Outputs/InputsMonitoring on 17-inch LCD
Sample line temperature

MEXA-ONE-FT: 113 ± 6ºC
MEXA-ONE-FT-E: 191 ± 6ºC

Sample gas flow rateMEXA-ONE-FT: 4.0 ± 0.5 L/min
MEXA-ONE-FT-E: 14 ± 1 L/min
Operating environment

Ambient temperature: 15 to 35ºC 
Ambient humidity: less than 80% relative humidity

 System Configuration 

Liquid nitrogenReplenishing amount: approx. 500 ml (including evaporation)
Duration: 10 hours or more (The dewar vacuum must be renewed annually)
Power supply voltageAny of the following power line voltages and frequencies (to be specified when ordering)
・ 100 ± 10 V AC, 50/60 ± 1 Hz, single phase
・ 110 ± 11 V AC, 50/60 ± 1 Hz, single phase
・ 115 ± 11.5 V AC, 50/60 ± 1 Hz, single phase
・ 120 ± 12 V AC, 60 ± 1 Hz, single phase
・ 200 ± 20 V AC, 50/60 ± 1 Hz, single phase
・ 220 ± 22 V AC, 50 ± 1 Hz, single phase
・ 230 (207~250) V AC, 50 ± 1 Hz, single phase
・ 240 (216~250) V AC, 50 ± 1 Hz, single phase
Power requirementsApprox. 4.0 kVA as maximum, approx. 3.0 kVA at stable state

655 (W) x 855 (D) x 1970 (H) mm
(excluding protruding objects)

MassApprox. 460 kg


Zero noise*2

Less than 1.0% of full scale
(depending on measurement components)

Response time*3
MEXA-ONE-FT: 5 seconds or less when
switching from N2 to 200 ppm CO.
MEXA-ONE-FT-E: 5 seconds or less
when switching from N2 to 200 ppm NH3
Repeatability *4 *5Within ±1.0% of full scale
Zero drift/span drift*4 *5Within ±1.0% of full scale/8 hours
Warm-up timeLess than 2 hours after turning on
the main power


Sample line selector8 lines
Analog output board

Analog output: 0-10V Max. 16 channels
(Output components are selectable)
A connection cable (Max. 15m)

Host communication cableLAN cable
NH3 filter elementSilica fiber (φ19.6 mm x L90 mm)
THC measurementPrinciple: Heated flame ionization detection (HFID)
Measurement range: from 0-10 ppmC to 0-60000 ppmC
O2 measurement

Principle: Magnetopneumatic Detector (MPD) Measurement range: from 0-1 vol% to 0-25 vol%

Automatic replenishing device for liquid nitrogen

Maximum storage amount: Approx. 12 L 
Duration: 120 hours or more
(depending on the vacuum degree of dewar)
For more details, please contact HORIBA

*1: To be specified when ordering.
*2: The zero noise is defined as the twofold standard deviation of the concentration reading.
*3: Using a sample probe (0.3 m), a heated filter and a heated pipe (6 m) without contamination of the sample line.
*4: Confirmed with 200 ppm CO, 500 ppm CH4 and 200 ppm C2H6.
*5: Span gas with more than 80% of the full scale concentration shall be used.

Catalyst Testing in Automobiles and Components
Catalyst Testing in Automobiles and Components
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