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Nano Raman

AFM-Raman system combines both atomic force microscopy (AFM) and optical spectroscopy to deliver colocalized physical and chemical data. With the use of a plasmonic metal coated AFM probe, both data can be collected with nanoscale spatial resolution and is the best suited for the characterization of emerging 2D semiconductor materials and devices. Comprehensive analysis is accessible with the acquisition of the following correlated information:

  • Surface Topography / roughness
  • Surface potential
  • Conductivity
  • Surface contaminants
  • Layer thickness
  • Crystallinity
  • Stress
  • Composition
  • Defect inspection

For over 15 years, HORIBA has provided TERS-proven systems with the most user-friendly and robust technology integrating AFM modes with optical spectroscopies for the deployment of most advanced semiconductor materials.

 LabRAM Soleil NanoLabRAM Odyssey Nano
User ErgonomyPiezo adjustment of objective for robust and accurate probe/spectroscopy laser alignment
Wavelength range300-1600 nm200 nm-2200 nm
Standard wavenumber cut-off< 30cm-1< 50cm-1
LasersUp to 4 built in fully motorized and computer controlledUp to 6 fully motorized

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