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HORIBA solutions are extensively used for the semiconductor market. We achieve a predominant market share of more than 50%*.

Although renowned in the semiconductor market, due to our comprehensive knowledge, we are able to complement a wide variety of industries, applications and markets needing gas or liquid mass flow control, gas or chemical monitoring and analysis of processes. Some of the applications we cover can be seen below, including; electronic manufacturing, bio process, furnace, dry coating, food and beverage, energy i.e. solar batteries or fuel cell, optical fiber, freeze drying, superconductor, test gas generation and environmental.

Our products include Mass Flow Controllers and Mass Flow Meters including High Temperature Mass Flow and Liquid Mass Flow. Liquid Automatic Refill Systems, Liquid Vaporizers, Mixed Injection Systems and Gas Concentration Monitors.

*(For mass flow controllers and chemical solution monitors: In-company research.)

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