Superconducting materials are used for superconducting magnets. Superconducting magnets are used in scientific and medical equipment where high magnetic fields are necessary.

In addition Superconductors are utilized as cables in electricity transmission. Some of the advantages of the Superconducting wire compared to copper or aluminum include higher maximum current densities and zero power dissipation.

HORIBA contributes to the coated conductor process such as IBAD (Ion Beam Assisted Deposition), PVD and CVD for depositing High Temperature Superconductor materials and buffer layers like YBCO* and MgO**, on continuous metal tapes with a plasma emission controller, a mass flow controller and a residual gas analyzer.

The RU-1000 enables the device manufacturer to maintain stable plasma conditions in the process through a closed loop feedback system to control the gas flow rate via HORIBA mass flow controllers.

*Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide

**Magnesium Oxide

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