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HORIBA is one of the largest mass flow controller suppliers and has vast experience in the vacuum thermal furnace market.

HORIBA has a wide flow range from only a few CCM to many 100’s LM.

HORIBA’s mass flow controllers are able to control gas accurately with exceptional repeatability, with the benefit of our multi range / multi gas function which allows for reduced inventory for site support.

Vacuum thermal furnaces require an accurate and stable gas supply, for this mass flow controllers are used to control a number of gases, such as Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Helium and Argon. The main purpose of using these gases is to prevent oxidation and maintain temperature control.

For applications which require moisture adding to the process to deoxidize the material surface, HORIBA’s vaporizer and liquid mass flow meter are ideal.

HORIBA has several types of vaporizer which support a large number of liquid materials to meet various customer process conditions.



Flow controller can precisely control the flow rate such as ethylene and hydrogen in vacuum carburizing furnace.
In addition, uniformity of carburizing by measuring the exhaust pressure for the furnace with capacitance manometer VG-200 series, and it can contribute to higher productivity.

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