Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

In addition to the “EMIA-Expert/Pro” series of high-frequency induction furnace type, the “EMIA-Step” of tubular electric resistance heating furnace type has been newly added to our Carbon/Sulfur Analyzers lineup. It realizes highly accurate and sensitive analysis, and its variable heating temperature function enables the quantitative analysis by separating it by temperature and condition as well as whole quantity analysis.

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA, Ltd.
  1. Enables temperature control starting at a low temperature range

    EMIA-Step provides good temperature stability from low to high temperatures. This broadens the application range to samples containing substances that are easily decomposed and burned at low temperatures.

    <Temperature rise control from 300 °C to 900 °C>
    You can easily see the decomposition combustion of organic matter and inorganic matter respectively.
  2. New dust-filter provides easy maintenance capability

    EMIA-Step adopted the proven dust-filter mechanism in the high frequency induction heating models. The filter unit collects the dust generated by combustion at high temperature. This prevents the dust from adhering to piping after the combustion furnace, and reduces adsorption of CO2 and SO2 gases by dust. This mechanism makes highly accurate and sensitive analyses possible.

    <Schematic of tubular electric resistance heating furnace>
  3. User-friendly software navigation functions facilitate the operation

    <Analysis Navigation>

    Recommends the best measurement flow and analysis conditions based on our experience. 

    <Troubleshooting Navigation>
    Pinpoints the location automatically, and notifies the operator with the recovery procedure when any fault occurs.  

    <Maintenance Navigation>
    Daily maintenance menus are listed and the videos and photos of the maintenance procedures are displayed.

Compliant standards


Material to be analyzedTitleCarbonSulfur


Steel, iron, nickel, cobalt alloysStandard Test Methods for Determination of Carbon, Sulfur, Nitrogen, and Oxygen in Steel, Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt Alloys by Various Combustion and Fusion Techniques



NickelStandard Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Refined Nickel


Refractory metalsStandard Test Method for Determination of Carbon in Refractory and Reactive Metals and Their Alloys by Combustion Analysis



Ores and related materialsStandard Test Methods for Analysis of Metal Bearing Ores and Related Materials for Carbon, Sulfur, and Acid-Base Characteristics



Oil and petroleumStandard Test Method for Sulfur in Petroleum Products by High Temperature Combustion and Infrared (IR) Detection or Thermal Conductivity Detection (TCD)-


Coal and cokeStandard Test Method for Sulfur in the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke Using High-Temperature Tube Furnace Combustion-


Coal and coke combustion residuesStandard Test Method for Total Sulfur in Coal and Coke Combustion Residues Using a High-Temperature Tube Furnace Combustion Method with Infrared Absorption-


Carbon blackStandard Test Methods for Carbon Black—Sulfur Content-

ISOMaterial to be analyzedTitleCarbon


TR 15349-1:1998

Unalloyed steelDetermination of low carbon content -- Part 1: Infrared absorption method after combustion in an electric resistance furnace (by peak separation)


TR 15349-3:1998

Unalloyed steelDetermination of low carbon content -- Part 3: Infrared absorption method after combustion in an electric resistance furnace (with preheating) 


Detection method

NDIR (Non-Dispersive InfraRed) 

Required sample amount

1.00 ± 0.10 g

Minimum reading

0.000001% (m/m) for both Carbon and Sulfur


Measurement range

0.0003 〜 6.0% (m/m) 

Accuracy (Repeatability)

σn-1 ≦ 0.00015% (m/m) or RSD ≦ 0.75%


Measurement range

0.0004 〜 1.0%(m/m)

Accuracy (Repeatability)

σn-1  ≦ 0.00020% (m/m) or RSD ≦ 2.00%

Setting temperature range

0 (room temperature) - 1450℃

Dimensions [ W x D x H ]

Combustion unit: 443 × 725 × 710 mm
Measurement unit : 271 × 725 × 710 mm


Combustion unit: 77 kg,  Measurement unit : 53 kg


200/220/240 V, 5 kVA *Excluding peripheral devices

Carrier gas

Oxygen: Purity 99.5%, Pressure: 0.30〜0.33 MPa

Operation gas

Nitrogen: Purity 99.5%, Pressure: 0.35〜0.38 MPa
*Dry air excluding moisture and oil content can be used as the operation gas
 only for the standard model

Data processing and operation

PC with Windows® 10

User interface

Touch panel/Keyboard/Mouse

* Windows is a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or
  other countries. 

Battery Evaluation in Electrical Equipment
Battery Evaluation in Electrical Equipment
Analytical Chemistry in Plastics and Rubber
Analytical Chemistry in Plastics and Rubber
Analytical Chemistry in Nonmetallic Minerals
Analytical Chemistry in Nonmetallic Minerals
This application note describes the method and conditions to use with the EMIA 820V C/S analyzer to measure cement.
Ferrous Metals Characterization in Primary Metals
Ferrous Metals Characterization in Primary Metals

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