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Atomic Force Microscopy

AFM is a non-destructive scanning technique using a cantilever with a sharp tip at the end to scan over the sample surface. AFM is a tool of choice for the nanoscale characterization of semiconductor fabrication process steps. AFM offers different modes to provide:

  • Surface Topography / roughness
  • Surface potential
  • Conductivity
  • Surface contaminants

HORIBA offers the first 100% automated system (AIST-technology) that allows for studying the topographical, electrical, and mechanical properties of traditional as well as most advanced semiconductor materials. Its design has been specially developed to be capable of being seamlessly integrated with optical spectroscopies (SNOM, Raman, Photoluminescence and TERS/SERS techniques).

Automated AdjustmentFully motorized and software-controlled laser / cantilever and photodiode alignment.
Optical access for upgradeabilityPossible coupling to optical spectroscopies
(PL & Raman)
Sample scanning range100 µm x 100 µm x 15 µm (±10 %)
  • < 0.1 nm RMS in XY dimension in 200 Hz bandwidth with capacitance sensors ON
  • < 0.02 nm RMS in XY dimension in 100 Hz bandwidth with capacitance sensors OFF
  • < 0.04 nm RMS Z in 1000 Hz bandwidth with capacitance sensors OFF

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