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High Speed, Precision, True Multi-Gas Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Module

D700 Multi-Gas mass flow module is the latest generation of HORIBA pressure-based MFC technology utilizing actual process gas calibration data.  Allowing faster and more accurate, repeatable dynamic response while also being backwards compatible to D500.

Wide Range Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Module

The D700WR wide range flow controller is the latest in HORIBA pressure-based MFC technology that replaces a high-flow and low-flow MFC, for a single gas, into one MFC.  Allowing for same process repeatability but also allowing for additional MFC’s to be installed into the gas box.

Wafer Back Side Cooling System

GR511F is ideal for controlling the flow of Helium and Argon gases to cool the backside of wafers that are in a fixed position.

Quadrupole Mass Analyzer

The Micropole System QL Series is one of the smallest mass spectrometer systems making it easy to install. System is proven to be an ideal solution for many chamber characterization applications.

Vapor Concentration Controller

For advanced vapor concentration control, the VCC-100 can maintain a constant downstream bubbler concentration by applying a combination of NDIR and Valve technology.

Chemical Concentration Monitoring

HORIBA contributes to the optimization of process by providing chemical concentration management equipment that increase yield rate.  Completely non-contact and highly stable.

Mask Inspection

PD-Xpadion is the latest generation of the HORIBA Particle Inspection product line. PD Xpadion is the right tool to meet current and future needs of Mask & Pellicle inspection in the lithography and mask production processes.

Self Cleaning pH Electrode

Wastewater treatment and control requires adequate continuous pH analysis to meet with individual local regulations.  This gel-filled self-cleaning pH electrode enables reducing user’s maintenance frequencies and cost of time.

AMC Monitoring System

HORIBA's AMC monitoring system supports the monitoring of contamination concentration trends and chemical filter maintenance through automated measurement.


The new MacroRAM™ Raman spectrometer brings simplicity to Raman measurements without compromising the ability to handle even the most complex samples.

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