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HORIBA Scientific OEM 开发了一种基于像差校正凹面全息光栅的高通量成像扫描单色仪,具有低杂散光和高衍射效率。 这种具有单一光学设计的布局非常适合弱光应用的成像。 它具有 3 位外部滤光轮、TTL 驱动电子设备、4相步进电机和相关的蜗轮/齿轮 按照90:1 比率机构在工厂进行编码、对齐和聚焦。

该仪器可用作可调激发光源和荧光发射扫描单色仪,这要归功于在一级和二级衍射中的高光栅衍射效率。 它还配备了两个光电传感器和校准的相关硬件。



  • 生命科学(读板机)
  • 化学分析
  • 高效液相色谱(HPLC)
  • 终点检测
  • 衍射测量
  • 环境,农业,食品等


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事业部: 科学仪器
产品分类: OEM光谱仪和相机
制造商: HORIBA Scientific
  • 具有出色成像的扫描单色仪
  • 覆盖波段:紫外-近红外
  • 高光通量和低杂散光
  • 快速、可靠且重复性好
  • 4 相步进电机和相关的蜗轮/齿轮 90:1 比率机构
  • 3 位外部滤光轮和 TTL 驱动电子设备
  • 多种光栅可选


OEM Spectrometer Selection Guide

View and Download our OEM Spectrometer Selection Guide

You can email OEM Technical Sales at: OEM.US(at)horiba.com or contact OEM at: +1.732.494.8660 Ext. 7733

General Monochromator Specifications*

Spectral Coverage

185 – 1,100 nm (Effective coverage depending on grating blaze selection)

Spectrometer Input

Free space; SMA; Customization on request

Spectral Resolution

<1 nm with 100 μm x 8 mm slit
Focal Length

100 mm

Optical Dispersion

7.8 nm/mm

Stray Light

< 0.1% (typical)

Wavelength Accuracy

± 1 nm with linear fitting
Step Repeatability± 0.1 nm (with 1,200 g/mm grating)


Option:OEM drive electronics with custom console app


Grating Selection

H1034 monochromator can be built with several grating choices that all have the same parameters such as curvature, groove density, correction of the aberrations, angle of deviation, and more.

What differs among them is the blazed wavelength.

Grating TypeBlaze Wavelength
Concave Holographic
250 nm
(covering 185-1,000 nm)
350 nm
(covering 185-1,000 nm)
500 nm
(covering 300-1,000 nm)
570 nm
(covering 350-1,000 nm)
Groove Density1,200 (gr/mm)
Dimension38 mm x 38 mm and 42.4 x 42.4 (± 0.1) mm
Input/output angle of deviation34.7°
Input arm length105.19 mm
Exit arm length100.46 mm
Grating efficiencySee the plots below


Grating Efficiency Curves

H1034 gratings can be used in first order for emission scanning and in second and first orders for excitation scanning.


Additional H1034 Monochromator Specifications

1- Motor Drive
H1034 monochromator features a 4-phase stepper motor and associated worm/gear 90:1 ratio mechanism, encoded, aligned and focused. Two opto-sensors and associated  hardware for home calibration are included in this OEM configuration.

Monochromator stepper motor scanning configuration
Microstepping8 μ steps per step
Initial velocity or Minimum speed300 steps / sec
Maximum speed800 steps / sec
Ramp-up acceleration8,000 steps / sec2
Ramp-down acceleration8,000 steps / sec2
Threshold speed1,400 steps/sec

2- Filter Wheel (Optional)
Three-position compact filter wheel with NEMA 8 stepper motor and opto-sensor for homing that can be completely customized to customer’s requirements (number of filters, filter sizes, positions, etc).

Filter wheel stepper motor scanning configuration
Microstepping8 μ steps per step
Initial velocity or Minimum speed0 steps / sec
Maximum speed500 steps / sec
Ramp-up acceleration20,008 steps / sec2
Ramp-down acceleration2,008 steps / sec2
Threshold speed595 steps / sec

3- Interchangeable Input and Output Slits (Optional)
H1034 monochromator is upgradable to have interchangeable input and output slits with various selections of slit width from 0.012 mm to 4.25 mm and 8 mm height.

4- Drive Electronics for Monochromator and Filter Wheel
H1034 drive electronics with custom software is designed to control the monochromator components and its accessories.

Drive Electronics for H1034 monochromator system.
OEM Industrial grade.

5- Console Application Software & DLL Features
OEM drive electronics has custom software for the H1034 monochromator and the optional shutter/order-sorting mechanism. It is delivered with a console app demo software for fast prototyping, debugging and testing with a super-user configuration tool for customization of the operating parameters, a DLL driver and associated documentation for custom programming (e.g., C#) and integration within the customer’s top-level software.

Mechanical Drawings

Download Mechanical Drawings

You can email OEM Technical Sales at: OEM.US(at)horiba.com or contact OEM at: +1.732.494.8660 Ext. 7733


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