Science in Action

欢迎来到前沿用户报道。 本栏目展示了我们的技术、设计、科研人员和软件工程师以及应用案例。 从钻探南极冰层到探索其他星球的生命,希望我们的报道能激发您的想象力,并为您自己的科学事业开辟新的可能性。

Benjamin de Jourdan
The Fight to Protect the Oceans and Marine Life
Benjamin de Jourdan is on a mission – to protect economically important marine species from oil spills and other toxins. He uses a HORIBA Aqualog spectrofluorometer to characterize the spills and formulate mitigation strategies.
Prof Fiona Lyng
Detecting early signs of cancer with Raman microscopy
Unveiling the secrets of cancer's early whispers: join Professor Fiona Lyng on a journey of Raman microscopy to detect precancerous signs before it's too late.
A giant leap in fuel cell engineering
Read about Associate Professor Takashi Sasabe at the Tokyo Institute of Technology who is developing fuel cell systems with higher efficiencies.



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