Mini-CrimeScope Advance

The Next Generation of the the premiere crime scene forensic light source.

事业部: 科学仪器
产品分类: 刑侦
制造商: HORIBA Scientific

Use & Benefits

The Mini-CrimeScope® Advance builds on the knowledge and expertise of more than 20 years of Forensic Light Source design. It incorporates the same ease of use and unmatched reliability of its predecessor, along with the latest in arc lamp technology. The result – a unit that is unsurpassed in performance.

Extreme Reliability - Unmatched ease of use.


The Mini-CrimeScope Advance is the brightest bulb-based forensic light source on the market. Utilizing new bulb technology and new high throughput, high durability interference filters, the Mini-CrimeScope Advance produces more light than the current Mini CrimeScope 400. Intensity and power allow for better sensitivity, helping to find even the faintest of evidence.

The Mini-CrimeScope Advance is brighter than any handheld light source on the market. It is brighter than any portable forensic laser.


The Mini-CrimeScope Advance (MCS-ADV) is the lightest weight forensic light source in its class. It’s also the brightest choice for all your crime scenes.  Now you will finally be able to bring laboratory intensity into the field. The MCS-ADV is transported in a rigid, padded case that travels easily.  The new case is also convertible into a backpack.  The Mini-CrimeScope Advance is designed to travel!

Ease of Use

The MCS-ADV features a patented filter wheel at the working end of the liquid light guide. The user only needs to “flick a thumb” to switch a filter on the hand that is directing the light guide. This allows for True One-Handed Operation. The user can select wavelength and direct light output with the same hand, freeing the other to examine and collect evidence.
No other manufacturer can make this claim.


Two features are critical when using any alternate light source; light intensity and wavelength selection. The Mini-CrimeScope Advance provides very high light intensity in a round, uniform spot that is easily controlled. This allows the user to maximize how much light falls onto the evidence. The greater the light on the evidence, the brighter the fluorescence and evidence detection.

The Mini-CrimeScope provides multiple wavelengths and the easiest way on the market to switch among these. Multiple wavelengths are critical in rejecting background/fluorescence. The evidence you are looking for generally fluoresces while being excited at most wavelengths of the spectrum. When you have a background that also fluoresces, the multiple wavelengths allow the user to select the ideal wavelength to provide for rejection of the background, maximizing contrast.


Any unit must be useful today as well as tomorrow to continue to be a top of the line forensic light source.  The Mini-CrimeScope Advance was designed to be upgradeable.  Additional filter wheels can be added, in the field, at any time.

Technical Specifications

Type of lamp: Hybrid Gas Discharge Lamp
Lifetime: 2000 hours
AC Electrical Specifications: 110-220 V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, 7 AMP
Warranty: One Year on Parts and Labor




  • 1 remote interchangeable thumbwheel (patented) with built in collimator.
  • Includes the following wavelengths in a protective housing: 365(UV), 390, 415, 445, 455, 475, 495, CSS, 515, 535, 555, SP575, 575, 600, WHITE
  • Rugged portable main unit with fold down handle and front control panel with intensity adjustment knob
  • 10mm active diameter Liquid Light Guide (6 feet long) with dual armor plate
  • 4 pairs of goggles: 1 UV protection, 1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 red
  • Carry Case


Also available in an 8 wavelengths configuration for economy.

由于精液、唾液和阴道分泌物等体液具有天然荧光,因此使用光源照射使其发光成为一种独特的检测方法。 犯罪现场调查员可以通过光照缩小收集污渍的具体位置,而不需要测试像整个床垫、地毯、床单或一件衣服等大片区域搜集证据。干燥的体液污渍在光源照射下上会发出荧光。
Questioned Documents
Questioned Documents
The main application regarding Questioned documents and the use of alternate light sources revolve around “ink differentiation”. Many inks have different formulations, even within the same apparent color type. A tunable forensic light source can be used to identify slight variations in ink type by viewing ink responses as the color of the light is tuned through the visible and infrared regions.


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