Vacuum UV - Monochromator Spherical Mirror - Plane Grating (SM-PGM) Beamline

This new kind of monochromator allows to cover a wide spectral range with several plane gratings and spherical mirrors with very high spectral resolution. The energy scanning is realized by a simple grating rotation allowing simple scanning mechanics and so high reproducibility. The different mirrors permits to work with different incidence angle and so to maintain high grating efficiency. The spherical mirrors aberration is corrected with the non uniform groove density (VLS grating), so the entrance and exit slit are fixed.

The main characteristics of this kind of monochromator are:

  • High resolution and wide spectral range.

  • Fixed slits position.

  • Simple scanning mechanics (only one rotation).

 SU8 beamline (SACO - LURE - Orsay -France)