PGM series – Plane Grating Monographs for the 1-125 nm region

The Plane Grating Monochromator/Spectrograph (PGM-PGS) series is a unique optical design coupling a toroïdal mirror and an aberration corrected rotating plane grating. Each grating has been especially designed thanks to our Imaging CorrectionPLUS Technology, to have a perfect coupling with its associated toroïdal mirror. Compared to a Rowland-Circle configuration, this solution features two major advantages: firstly it can be used both in multichannel mode (real flat field) and in single channel (with an exit slit); secondly the optical design is straight (entrance and exit arms parallel) and the exit (whether detector or slit) is fixed which makes integration and calibration very easy.

With a large choice of gratings (both master and replica) the PGM/PGS series covers a large VUV range from 4 to 125 nm.

PGM Series


  • Photoemission Characterisation (XPS)
  • Plasma Physics Study
  • High Harmonics Generation (HHG) Characterisation
  • VUV Laser analysis
  • EUV Refectometry


  • UV Plasma sources
  • CCD detector
  • Single channel detector