TGS series – Toroïdal Grating Spectrpgraphs for the 9.5-170nm region

Based on a toroïdal grating design, the TGS (Toroïdal Grating Spectrograph) series are compact flat field spectrographs. In this design, both grating and detector are fixed, which allows achieving a very good stability and compactness. With a choice of three gratings (both master and replica) the TGS series covers a large VUV range from 9.5 to 170 nm.

The TGS300 is offered as standard, other models can be available upon request.

TGS Series


  • Plasma Physics Study
  • High Harmonics Generation (HHG) Characterisation
  • VUV Laser analysis


  • UV Plasma sources
  • CCD detector