MEXA-584L Automotive Emission Analyzer - 1
MEXA-584L Automotive Emission Analyzer - 2
MEXA-584L Automotive Emission Analyzer - 3
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Automotive Emission Analyzer

The MEXA-584L simultaneously measures CO, HC, CO2 (non-dispersive infrared: NDIR) and air-to-fuel ratio (AFR) or excess air ratio (A) in idle state. lt optionally measures O2, NO, engine speed (RPM) and oil temperature (TEMP). Lightweight and compact with a clear LCD and effortless operation, it can be used as a simple measurement instrument in any work situation.


Segment: Automotive Test Systems
Division: Emission Measurement Systems
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Ltd.


  • Lightweight (Approx. 4kg), compact and robust
  • Measures individual components during the two-speed idle test
  • RS-232C enables remote control data acquisition capability
  • Visual icon display for quick reference
  • Easy calibration
  • Remote control and data acquisition available from PC by optional kit
  • Light, durable sampling tube is easy to handle and worry free


  • Motorcycle probe for measurement of motorcycle exhaust gas
  • Drain separator for improved water removal from the sample, also protects the detector from water damage
Measured components(standard)CO, HC, CO2, AFR, LAMBA, (O2, NO option)
Measurement principleCO, HC, CO2: Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)
Air-to-fuel ratio (AFR), Excess air ration (lambda): carbon balance method or Brettschneider method (with O2 measurement). AFR and lambda are calculated by the carbon balance method in standard configuration.
Conformed standardOIML Class 0 - CE - FCC
Ambient humidityUnder 90% relative humidity
MEXA-584L Brochure English
Size 1.03 MB


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